Maritime Trails
Shipwrecks and attractions

Welcome to Wisconsin Historical Society's Maritime Trails

Centuries of exploration, travel, commerce, and recreation on the Great Lakes have left an impressive trail of maritime cultural resources along Wisconsin's Great Lakes shorelines and bottomlands.

To foster wider public appreciation of the state's rich maritime past and encourage preservation of unique historic sites such as shipwrecks, lighthouses and historic waterfronts, the Wisconsin Historical Society established the Maritime Trails program.

The Wisconsin Maritime Trails program is more than just a traditional "trail." Through Web sites, interpretive signage, public presentations, and shipwreck moorings, the Maritime Trails initiative encourages divers, snorkelers, boaters, maritime enthusiasts, and tourists to visit and enjoy Wisconsin's diverse collection of maritime resources. A collaborative effort between the Wisconsin Historical Society and the University of Wisconsin Sea Grant Institute, the Maritime Trails initiative also seeks to document, preserve, and protect the state's submerged archaeological sites.

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