Wisconsin Historical Society - Maritime Trails
Wisconsin Historical Society - Maritime Trails

Wisconsin Historical Society Shipwreck Database

Search a growing database of hundreds of Wisconsin's historic shipwrecks.  Find historic data and images, as well as information on popular diveable wreck sites.

The vast majority of the Wisconsin Historical Society's shipwreck database was compiled under the supervision of former Wisconsin State Underwater Archaeologist David Cooper, beginning in 1988 with an inventory of Door County shipwrecks. The database draws enormously on work done by Dr. Walter M. Hirthe and Mary Hirthe, whose early contribution prompted Society staff to fondly refer to the database as "Walt." Dr. Richard Boyd and Thom Holden also generously shared their research and insight on Lakes Michigan and Superior shipwrecks respectively.
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The Wisconsin Historical Society is dedicated to preserving historic shipwrecks and facilitating responsible diver access to these unique, non-renewable cultural resources. Care must be taken by divers who visit these historically significant and often fragile sites to ensure that future generations of recreational divers, the general public, marine enthusiasts, historians and archaeologists have an opportunity to enjoy and learn from them. As divers, it is our collective responsibility to protect Wisconsin's unique submerged heritage.
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